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Duration: 5 hours 18 minutes

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Listen Introduction

Listen Chapter 1

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Loving Yourself is
the Key to Happiness

"I love myself the way I am - no matter what happens!" - Living this conviction full-heartedly is the key to happiness. But unfortunately the inner critic interferes too often with its negative self-talk. It keeps eroding your self-esteem, your self-worth and eventually your self-confidence and thus your ability to realize your goals and create a fulfilling life. But you can free yourself from the tyranny of your inner critic and begin to love yourself. The book, "The Art of Selflove" will show you how.

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Meet the Author

Frank M. Lobsiger is an author, seminar leader and internationally trained somatic therapist who specializes in body-centered psychotherapy, neuromuscular re-education, trauma healing and ...

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