The Author

Frank M. Lobsiger is an author, seminar leader, and internationally trained somatic therapist who specializes in body-centered psychotherapy, life-coaching, neuromuscular re-education, trauma healing, and dream work. Frank holds certifications in Biosynthesis®, Hanna Somatic Education®, Somatic Experiencing®, and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®. His greatest passion is teaching and training people in the Art of Selflove.

Frank Lobsiger established his first private practice in his home country of Switzerland in 1996. During his many years of practice, Frank has worked with hundreds of people internationally. He has given thousands of one-on-one therapy and coaching sessions in person and on the phone. Combining the power of extensive research and knowledge gained from personal and professional experiences, Frank has created the highly effective and successful Welcoming-Process™ for transforming self-attack into Selflove. By practicing the Welcoming-Process™ in one’s daily life, it is within anyone’s capacity to transform negative self-talk and self-criticism into self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.

Frank’s interest lies in exploring the healing potential of the bodymind and to make conscious use of its capacity. In doing so, he creates and shares practical knowledge and self-empowering techniques that will enrich the quality of one’s life. In his guide, The Art of Selflove, Frank Lobsiger teaches readers how to cultivate a conscious and loving relationship with oneself and others. Using The Art of Selflove, readers will be empowered to uncover their own inner source of love and happiness.

Since his early twenties, Frank Lobsiger has been actively involved in the exploration of healing oneself and others, as well as educating clients to tap into one’s greater human potential. In his free time, he draws energy and inspiration from his daily Yoga and Taoist practice (Kunlun), writing, creative dream work and being in nature. Frank is most passionate about self-empowerment, and sharing with others how to cultivate The Art of Selflove with the Welcoming-Process™ and other potent Selflove-techniques.