The Art of SelfLove

Loving Yourself Is The Key To Happiness

Frank M. Lobsiger
Author of The Art of Selflove

“You too can overcome your negative self-talk

– no mater how troubling it seems to be –

and transform your low self-esteem and self-worth

into true self-confidence

through the Cultivation of Self-Love.”

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Do you love yourself?

Do you feel happy from within?

Do you know how to overcome self-criticism and negative self-talk?

Do you feel you have a good sense of self-worth, self-esteem, & self-confidence?

Do you know that the more you love yourself, the better you feel inside?

Do you know that Self-Love is the foundation to create loving relationships?

If you have answered Yes to all of these questions, well done, and congratulations! If you answered No to some or  all of these questions, you are not alone! You are not in a helpless situation – there is a solution. You can learn to  love yourself, and thus to build up the self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence that you yearn for.

Imagine the things you could do if you had practical tools – such as the Welcoming-ProcessTM – to transform all your negative experiences, your self-criticism, your low self-esteem,  your insecurity, and your fear into feelings of self-worth, self-empowerment, self-confidence, joy, love and peace. Feel the uplifting energy that takes over your body and mind as you imagine yourself talking to yourself in a kind and supportive manner while being filled with Self-Love that is upwelling from within yourself. Imagine how much freer and fulfilled you would feel in all your relationships and personal interactions if you were feeling loved and whole from within.

By cultivating Self-Love in your own life, you learn to relate to yourself and all your experiences – independent of the actual content – in an ever more conscious and loving way. You begin to act more often like that person you secretly admire and wish you could be yourself – the mother or father who stays loving and centered in the midst of family chaos and screaming children, the colleague in your office who remains calm and focused in the face of difficult co-workers and high-pressure deadlines, or the friend who simply listens with full attention and an open heart independen of what is being shared… You can also be one of these fortunate people who have discovered The Art of SelfLove and have learnt how to love themselves ever more fully and thus to transform their lives for the positive.

“Love yourself,

realize your potential,

and live your inner calling

– through the Cultivation of Self-Love.”

Stop Self-Attack & Start Loving Yourself by cultivating The Art of SelfLove

Sometimes, life confronts you with difficult and challenging situations that bring you face to face with your fears and shortcomings. In these moments we have a tendency to fight against our inner experiences or to criticize and blame ourselves. Unfortunately, self-attack undermines your sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and consequently your self-confidence. Making yourself wrong creates a vicious circle that is not only harmful internally −by cutting you off from your inner Self− but it also adversely impacts your ability to succeed in the external world; in living and creating a satisfying life, as well as in building close and fulfilling relationships with others.

With my book, The Art of SelfLove, you will learn how to stop this destructive dynamic. Instead of self-attack, you will begin to cultivate a loving attitude toward yourself and all your experiences. Then you will see how your life transforms and how self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness re-emerge from within.

The Art of SelfLove is your simple guide to re-connecting with your inner Self – the true source of happiness. By loving yourself you deepen your conscious connection with your Inner Self which allows you to experience internal happiness and thus to increase your positive feelings.