“My mission is to give my best, 

in order to bring out the best in you –

through the Cultivation of the Art of SelfLove.”

Frank M. Lobsiger

My Mission 

“My mission is to bring out the best in me, by being an ever more loving, positive, self-realized and self-actualized presence in the world, so that I can empower You and coach You how to love yourself, how to realize and actualize your own potential, and how to follow your Inner Voice in order to live and create a meaningful and fulfilling life.”

“My professional calling is to bring out the best in You through my empathic listening, by helping you uncover and understand your belief system, by mirroring back to you your resources, and by pointing out your essential qualities. I will share with You life-transforming information and teach you practical methods of how you can love yourself and thus realize ever more of your innate potential, while encouraging You to act on your inner guidance so that you will also live your inner calling and offer your gifts to others.”

My Vision

“I see you bringing out the best in yourself and others through the cultivation of the Art of Self-Love and by living in alignment with your inner truth.”

“My vision is that You – as representative for all of us – choose to cultivate the Art of Self-Love and commit to relate to yourself in a conscious, loving, positive, and self-empowering way, and as a result realize and embody ever more fully your innate potential while following your intuition – your Inner Voice.”

“I envision all of us radiating our innate light through our love-centered and balanced presences, our creative actions, our unified dedication to harmony and beauty in all, and our collective aspiration to support our inner callings in ourselves and others, while realizing and actualizing ever more fully our true nature – the Divine Self – as our natural way of being and living.”

About My Life

I am an author, seminar leader, and internationally trained somatic therapist who specializes in body-centered psychotherapy, life-coaching, neuromuscular re-education, trauma healing, and inner work. I hold certifications in Biosynthesis®, Hanna Somatic Education®, Somatic Experiencing®, and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®. My greatest passion is teaching and training people in the Art of Selflove. I speak fluently German, English & French.

I first established my first private practice in my home country of Switzerland in 1996. During my many years of practice, I have worked with hundreds of people. I have given thousands of one-on-one therapy and coaching sessions in person – some of them on the phone / Skype. My primary focus in my work with clients lies in understanding one’s belief system and making conscious use of the healing potential of one’s bodymind. In the process, I discover, synthesize, and share practical knowledge and self-empowering techniques that will transform and enrich the quality of my client’s life. 

Since my early twenties, I have been actively involved in the exploration of healing – how to heal oneself and others, as well as educating clients how to access and express more of their own innate potential – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In my free time, I receive most of my energy and inspiration from my daily Meditation, Yoga and Taoist practices (Kunlun), introspective writing, reading, studying / learning, being in nature, and spending time with my life partner, friends, and family, as well as playing with Shiva, our cat. I am most passionate about self-empowerment, self-actualization, and sharing with others how to cultivate The Art of SelfLove with the Welcoming-Process™ and other potent Selflove-techniques.

The philosophies and practices that keep inspiring and enriching me the most in my daily life, besides my own Self-Love practices, are the Teachings of the Amartya-Tradition transmitted by Aaravindha Himadra, Taoism –  specifically Kunlun which I keep learning from Max Christensen, Yoga – Babaji’s Kriya Yoga – taught by Marshall Govindan, and the Russian Methods, primarily the teachings of Arcady Petrov and Grigori Grabovoi. All these teachings and practices are beloved members of my spiritual family that have become an integral part of my own philosophy, my belief system, my thinking, and my way of life.