“Love yourself – no matter what your going through in your life.”

Self-Love Coaching Session via Skype or Phone

Whether you have read – or not yet read – The Art of SelfLove does not really matter in order to book a one-on-one Self-Love Coaching Session with me, Frank M. Lobsiger, via Skype or phone. To find out more about me and my professional work, please, click on the following links: about me and testimonials. In order to book a Coaching Session with me simply scroll to the middle of the page and book the session time that fits your needs.

Throughout your personal Self-Love Coaching Session, I will structure your session based on your needs and according to your chosen issue / problem that you would like to address.

Here are some of the Self-Love Coaching options that you may choose from:


  •  Receiving Self-Love Coaching by focusing on a specific theme of your choice – while I will be using the Welcoming-Process™ in a free flowing way combined with various other techniques
  • Learning the entire Welcoming-Process™ directly from me in a live setting – ideally on Skype, step-by-step; backed up with written material. – At the end of our session, I will send you an e-mail with the necessary information to make your learning progression even easier, especially if you have not bought or read the book, The Art of SelfLove.
  • Being guided through a complete Welcoming-Session with a theme or issue of your choice – in order to become familiar with the process in a very practical way.


  • Personal coaching on how to use the Welcoming-Process™ in your daily life; for example, using this powerful method to improve your relationships or to support you in pursuing and achieving your chosen goals.
  • Advanced applications of the Welcoming-Process™:

– identifying important insights, previously unconscious patterns, and limiting beliefs

– how to transform and heal emotional issues that make you feel stuck or miserable and thus prevent you from moving on in your life towards the realization of your goals /visons

  • Practical mind-set work you can apply in your daily life:

– how to replace negative self-talk (the voice of the inner critic) with a loving and self-empowering voice (=positive self-talk) which is the foundation of becoming your own best friend

– practical ways of transforming limiting-beliefs into positive ones that support you in living a more fulfilling life

– the joy of living with a self-empowering mind-set, which consists of a variety of practical techniques that you can apply in your daily life

  • Regular Coaching Sessions & positive mentoring in order to overcome deep-seated obstacles and to realize chosen goals, as well as to make the cultivation of Self-Love your way of life

Coaching Session:
75 Min. / $ 180.-

Coaching Session:
60 Min. / $ 150.-

Coaching Session:
45 Min. / $ 120.-

First contact me to fix a session date, and then please pay within 24 hrs in order to reserve your appointment. 

Thank You for Booking a Coaching Session with me!

Self-Love Training  (SLT 1 – Basic Self-Love Training)

In this two-day Self-Love Training you will be guided step-by-step – theoretically and practically – into the Welcoming-Process™ by me, Frank M. Lobsiger. The Welcoming-Process™ is the foundation to relate to yourself, to all of your experiences – including your resistance – in a conscious and loving way. Loving yourself is the basis to feel in harmony with yourself and to love another. Because the way you relate to yourself is also the way you relate to others. It’s good to remember, whatever you fear, hate, reject, criticize, understand, appreciate, or love in yourself, you also fear, hate, reject, criticize, understand, appreciate, or love in another.

The greatest pain in the course of your life is always caused by your own self-attack expressed as self-criticism, self-judgement, self-abandonment, and self-repression. Therefore, it is so important that you learn to befriend yourself, to welcome & allow all aspects of your experience in the here and now.

The regular use of the Welcoming-Process™ – in addition to the other techniques you will learn during this Self-Love Training – will enable you:

– to become your own best friend by loving yourself – no matter what

– to cultivate the Inner Observer – the ability to step back so that you can make a conscious choice on how to relate to your experience in the here and now

– to build a loving attitude towards all of your experiences, even the ones you still judge as negative such as frustration, upset, anger, anxiety etc.

– to identify and transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk

– to take full responsibility for all of your experiences

– to create more fulfilling and harmonious relationships with yourself and others

– to cultivate Self-Love in your daily life which builds up your sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence

– to feel ever more loved, happy, and whole from within

We all have a longing to be seen, heard, felt, and understood just the way we are. When that happens, you feel really appreciated and loved. The Self-Love Training offers you exactly this experience in a group setting.

Self-Love Training (SLT 1)

Date:  27th & 28th of April 2019

Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00 (lunch break 90 minutes)

Sunday:   10.00 – 17.00 (lunch break 90 minutes)

Location:  Zentrum Lichtpunkt, Chemin du Jura 53, Estavayer-Le-Lac / Switzerland

Cost:  CHF 380.-

If you feel an internal calling to become your own best friend, to make the Cultivation of Self-Love your way of life, and would like to attend the above Self-Love Training (SLT 1), then please, contact me by clicking on the following link:

Thank You for your interest! 😊