“Saying , “No”, from the bottom of your heart

is truly saying, “Yes” to yourself –

in other words taking a stand for your inner truth.”


“I just would like to thank Frank so much for helping me to realize I was pushing away my feelings and being 100% rational. He taught me an exercise to feel my fears, worries and pains in my body until they disappear and he also showed me how to connect to my creative side. It was something I was struggling with my whole life. Thank you so much again Frank. You are a legend.”

Angela Silveira – Australia

“Working with Frank has been a revelation for me. His techniques have shown me a vital way to unlock the emotions that had been holding me back from achieving my potential. Whilst still a work in progress, Frank has given me a key ingredient to work through self-imposed barriers. I recommend Frank without hesitation.”

Gareth C. – United Kingdom

Nancy C. – Australia

Thierry C. – Australia